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PubGizmo is an all-new, affordable book publishing management system designed and priced for independent presses. Crafted by writers, editors, and publishers, it combines a rich, empathetic, easy-to-use interface, with powerful automation that makes chores like generating reports and royalties a cinch. PubGizmo also produces easy-to-read royalty statements, which makes for happier, better-informed authors.

PubGizmo is built on Claris FileMaker Pro, and your subscription includes a full user license. It offers BISAC metadata support (with a magically-easy code selector), and will soon include ONIX. We’ve recently implemented highly-granular sales reporting, and support for Square and other sales platforms is coming soon…at no cost for subscribers. Something else you need? Subscriber feature requests will be top-of-queue for the next versions.

Powerful, affordable software for managing your indy press

Features and Functions

PubGizmo serves as the hub for your publishing business, providing storage for assets, and powerful calculation engines for computing sales and royalties. Here’s a glimpse of our ever-expanding feature set.


Record rich detail about books and editions, including multiple descriptions (e.g., cover, catalogue, and website copy), blurbs, reviews, along with all manner attachments: multiple cover images, design files, review PDFs, etc.

Store edition data: ISBNs, physical characteristics, inventory, print runs, audiobook runtime data, multiple list prices by country and currency, as well as connect to associated personnel, e.g., designers, illustrators, narrators.


PubGizmo incorporates a fully-integrated contact management system (CMS): assign multiple categories (e.g., author, translator, editor, illustrator, agent, donor, etc.), to each contact, store unlimited phone, email, website, social media accounts, and addresses, join contacts to titles, contracts, organization records, and other contacts. Multiple author photos, bios (as text or in documents). Support for pen names, estates, literary agency/agent connections. Record awards, reviews, and donations.


Store all your organization contacts: literary agencies, publishers, estates, and any other companies with which you have relationships, and link them to other records throughout the system.

Organizations can be contract-holders too, e.g., as original publishers or estate handlers, and receive royalty statements in the same way contacts receive them. Plus literary agencies can be assigned a royalty statement catchall email address, where statements are automatically sent.


Remarkable contract flexibility allows you to create unlimited clauses, each catered to any country or region, encompassing all editions or targeting specific royalty groups (print, electronic, audio) or individual editions.

Advanced escalation control with unlimited tiers lets you control which sales to count for escalation: all sales, or only those in specific regions or countries, and sales of any or all edition types, e.g., count only domestic print sales to compute escalation.


Push-button royalty generation instantly computes sales against contract clauses and provides a clear breakdown of foreign and domestic quantities and sales for each edition. Preview and tweak every statement before sending. PDFs of statements are bundled for multi-contract authors, and emails are generated using a customized, merge-driven email message. Statement is automatically sent to agent/agency-of-record, where appropriate. And our best-in-class royalty statements are clear and readable, ensuring happier contract-holders.

Sales Imports

PubGizmo features an innovative mechanism designed to eliminate the stress of importing vendor sales sheets. It guides you through every step, providing an incredibly easy column-mapping function, along with prompts to make sure you’ve selected all the necessary data. Plus it remembers your import maps, meaning you only have to map your columns once for each vendor. Not only that, PubGizmo processes each import instantly, meaning you can import sheets in quick succession, without waiting for each to be processed.

Some PubGizmo Presses

Presses that use PubGizmo have won the Giller Prize, the Griffin Poetry Prize, the Governor General’s Award, the Toronto Book Award, the Lambda Literary Award for Drama, and the Nobel Prize for Literature, among others.


Thanks to [PubGizmo developer] Brian Panhuyzen, our small indie press now has a supple, powerful, user-friendly – and, above all, affordable – royalty management solution. As a quintessential non-techy English major, I found Bri to be patient, clear, and responsive in all our communications. His careful and methodical approach made what was initially a terrifying experience into one of increasing confidence and even deep satisfaction. Who knew?
Coach House Books commissioned Neutrino Data Systems to build PubGizmo, and we couldn't be happier with the result: a powerful, simple-to-use program that makes many of the arduous tasks of running a small press easy and straightforward. After our first royalty run, we urged NDS to make PubGizmo available to other publishers, and they expertly adapted to make it useable for any press. We can't imagine running Coach House without it.

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